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Ernest Reeves (1874-1940) was a composer of popular light music at the beginning of the 20th century.  He composed songs, dance music and marches. His daughter, Betty Reeves, has supplied some biographical notes.

Some of his work is available as sheet music. 

The obituary from the Strad is interesting and notes his involvement with the Performing Rights Society.

Ernest Reeves daughter Betty (1913 -2001) inherited some of his musical gifts writing light piano music and tutors for learning to play the piano.  She had lessons from James Ching  and gave a successful piano recital in the Wigmore Hall in March 1939.  She left behind a collection of her father’s sheet music; also manuscripts for orchestral arrangements and a number of old newspaper cuttings relating to his career as a composer.  She also wrote a personal account of her father Ernest’s life, which is included in this website.

In view of the possible interest in light music of the early 20th century, Ernest’s two grand-daughters decided to compile a website to allow musicians to find out about his many compositions and possibly to obtain copies of a piece to play themselves should they wish to.

Ernest Reeves obituary in the magazines Musical Opinion and The Strad, written in June 1940 following his death, note his involvement with the Performing Rights Society of which he was a founder member.